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Adjustments and Manipulation

We offer several techniques for adjusting the spine and extremities. From low force instrument adjusting to the classic chiropractic manipulation, we offer custom adjustments dependent on age, condition, preference and results desired.

How Does Spinal Manipulation Work?

There are well over 100 types of adjustment techniques used by chiropractors throughout the world. We use several here so there is no one size fits all approach to your adjustment.

When vertebrae shift out of place, there is an overall systemic response from the muscular system to the central nervous system. Without proper alignment and flow, our nerves, our immune system, and our minds cannot function at their highest peak.

Overall, spinal adjustments and manipulations are an excellent way to keep the body functioning at its highest level and without any discomfort. When the body is adequately aligned, it becomes able to respond and perform as it was built to do.

Techniques used:

-Diversified: Your classic manual type adjustment performed by hand.

-Arthrostim: an instrument that gets fantastic results without the cavitation or sound.

-Drop Table: segments of the table that help the chiropractor perform a lighter manual adjustment.

-Activator: a hand held mechanical tool used in light force adjustments, often for elderly or children.

-Sacro Occipital Technique: ultra low force, whole body approach to work on joints and spinal fluid movement.

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